21 Day Business Challenge

21 Day Business Challenge
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Welcome to the 21 Day Business Challenge!


Did you know that, with consistent effort, it takes only 21 days to change a habit? This includes habits that contribute bad business decisions or irreversible failures.


Pick just one negative habit, thought or business practice to change over the next 21 Days. We will provide daily topics during this Business Challenge


Goal:  daily, one minute challenges to help business owners develop discipline and focus regarding their businesses 


Purpose:  business owners wear many hats but few are strategically advancing their businesses because they are not intentional with their time.  This challenge is designed to help change their thinking and to develop that critical thinking muscle with small challenges.  


At the end of this challenge, participants will march into the new year with a plan, having practiced and seen small results that will motivate them to do more.  


DAY #1- Pick one negative habit, thought or business practice to change


DAY #2- Stop Procrastinating!


Day #3- Write It Down!


Day #4- Organizing your Day


Day #5- Automating your Systems